Photos: Mosul activists replace Islamic State graffiti with delightful murals

Iraqi activists replace Islamic State graffiti with colorful murals.

Nineveh ( With Islamic State militants expelled by government forces from the majority of the province of Nineveh, Iraqi activists are seeking to replace marks of the extremist group’s reign of gloom with hope through delightful paintings.

Several volunteers have launched a campaign to paint delightful murals above graffiti sprayed by IS militants across buildings in the Nineveh Plains region.

Wamid Matta, one of the participants in the volunteer campaign, said the campaign targets the walls of schools and public areas bearing Islamic State logos, and seeks to “restore life, delight and hope” to the area after they had been liberated from the extremist group.

Iraqi activists replace Islamic State graffiti with colorful paint.
Iraqi activists replace Islamic State graffiti with colorful paintings.

Iraqi forces recaptured the Nineveh Plains during operations ongoing since mid October to drive Islamic State extremists out of Nineveh’s city of Mosul. Battles have resulted in the recapture of the whole eastern region of Mosul, and the forces are preparing for a ground invasion of the western region, where IS still holds several strongholds.

IS has been infamous for executions of its opponents and violators of its extremist religious rules. Its violent system of governance and its battles with security forces have forced at least 191.000 civilians to flee their homes in Mosul to refugee camps in Nineveh and other provinces.

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