More than 3000 refugees flee Mosul in 2 days: Red Crescent

Refugees at al-Jadaa camp in Mosul.
Refugees at al-Jadaa camp in Mosul.

Baghdad ( More than 3000 civilians have left Mosul over the past two days, fleeing violent battles between Islamic State militants and Iraqi government forces and militias, according to a relief official.

Iyad Rafed, a member of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, told Anadolu Agency that 3200 civilians moved out of Mosul, both from the liberated and ISIS-occupied districts. They were admitted to al-Jadaa and Hassan Sham refugee camps south and east of Mosul.

The society said Monday that the total of refugees at the camps of Hassan Sham and Khazer stood at 35.600.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Migration and Displacement said the overall number of refugees since Mosul liberation battles launched in October has reached 76.461.

The United Nations had predicted at least one million refugees before the launch of security operations.

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