4500 volunteer fighters finish their military training

Archival photo.
Archival photo.

( Dohuk – The spokesman for the Iraqi Volunteer Forces Mahmoud Alsurji announced on Monday the graduation of more than 4,500 fighters, and noted their willingness to liberalize Mosul, stressing that they have been been equipped with 50 armored wheels.

Alsurja said in an interview for, “more than 4,500 fighters from the Iraqi Volunteer Forces formations have completed their training and graduated from military training courses”, noting that “the fighters have been equipped with more than 50 armored vehicles.”

Alsurja added, “The graduated fighters are ready to fight and to participate in the liberation of Mosul,” noting that they are “awaiting orders to carry out their duties,”

On the other hand, Alsurja stressed that “a delegation from the Iraqi Volunteer Forces met with the US Embassy in Baghdad to discuss equipping the latter with necessary weapons and equipment to prepare for the liberalization of Mosul.”


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  1. For city fighting you do not need armoured vehicles and they are easily destroyed in cities, Iraq needs infantry for Mosul. Iraq will have enough fighters for Mosul AFTER Ramadi is completely liberated so first get that done.

  2. Abadi always wants more but Iraq already has what it needs to liberate Mosul, particularly after the US gave thousands of AT4 anti-tank missiles to Iraq to use against ISIS’s armoured suicide vehicles and ISIS will use them in Mosul.

  3. During training the soldiers would already have been issued with all the weapons that they need to liberate Mosul and all they will need now is plenty of ammunitions plus grenades and the AT4s and Iraq already has been given plenty of all that. All that the soldiers mostly need is courage and bravery to go forth to fight ISIS plus good leadership and these things can only come from within the soldiers themselves.

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