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59% reject establishing new regions in Iraq

Regional map of Iraq.

BAGHDAD / Two NGO organizations disclosed that a referendum was carried out in 9 Iraqi provinces which showed that 59 percent of the participants rejected the idea of establishing new regions in Iraq due to the unsuitable situation prevailing in the country. Center of the Information for Research and Development and Tamouz Organization for Social Development exposed the referendum with the attendance of a number of university professors, academicians, media organs and NGO organizations. The referendum included provinces like Baghdad, Arbil, Salah al-Din, Kirkuk, Diala, Anbar, Thi Qar, Missan and Basra. There were a total of 1,808 participants in the referendum; 27,7 percent females and 72,3 percent males. It pointed out that 28,5 percent of the sample believed that the reasons were sectarian, 24,4 percent believe it to be rejection of central government control; 30,4 percent for political ends and 16,5 percent for not giving provincial councils suitable authorities. 54 percent believed that the formation of the regions will not solve economic and security problems in the province, while 58,3 percent said that the formation of the regions will weaken the federal government. 56,7 percent expected that the political situation is not ripe for establishing the regions, while 61,3 percent expected that such a move is the start to divide Iraq. 40,4 percent said that the federal system has its negative and positive aspects, which could be implemented in Iraq in suitable time and circumstances.

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