Actor, model found brutally murdered in Baghdad, apparently in dislike of his looks

Iraqi theatrical performer Karar Nushi

Baghdad ( A young theatrical actor and model was found brutally murdered and strewn in a street in Baghdad on Monday, with security sources and his fans attributing the murder to his appearance.

Karar Nushi, an actor and a student at the Institute Of Fine Arts in Baghdad, was found dead at Palestine Street, north of the capital, hours after he was declared missing.

NRT network quoted security sources saying that Nushi’s dead body bore signs of brutal torture and several stabs.

His social media fans say he had received earlier death threats from anonymous persons who disapproved of his tight outfits and exceptional hairstyle. There had also been rumors that Nushi was planning to take part in a male beauty pageant.

Iraqi theatrical performer Karar Nushi

Authorities have yet to comment on the murder and identify the perpetrators. His facebook followers shared sorrowful comments following the news of his death.

Since 2003, it has been a belief that Shia and Sunni Islamist groups were behind the murders of several Iraqi young people over their immodest disappearances or sexual orientations.

Since their emergence in 2014 to proclaim a self-styled “caliphate”, Islamic State militants have also reportedly executed or brutally punished civilians for breaking the group’s extreme code of modesty, and have also executed some individuals for suspicions of having homosexual orientations.


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    • Yes, followers of Jesus are all uneducated idiots that run around blowing up suicide vests and beheading innocent people….. you really nailed it.

  1. It is tragic. But more tragic is the fact that our liberal media is insinuating he was killed because of his “homosexual orientation”. It is disrespectful to give the impression that all handsome/beautiful males who happen to wear tight clothes are homosexuals.

    • Gay or straight, he shouldn’t have been murdered. And this story carefully avoids speculating as to his preferences while noting that Islamic cultures are particularly brutal to gay men.

  2. This atrocity is yet another reason why we must oppose the vermin who are trying to import hordes of bloodthirsty, copulating seventh century savages into our country, Canada and Christian Europe.
    Otherwise, we will die or become slaves and our country will become a hell hole, too.

  3. why did you stay in that shitty country? I left that shitty piece of s**t almost 40 years ago. even if you do not have this look, they will kill you because you suni or shia, or yazadi, Kurd or Jews or christian , guy, . or whatever you are, they will kill you. They are killing each other for 1500 years.

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