Anbar provincial council votes for Suhaib al-Rawi as governor

Suhaib Ismail al-Rawi
Suhaib Ismail al-Rawi

( On Tuesday, Council of Anbar province voted for Suhaib Ismail al-Rawi as Anbar new governor.

Chairman of the Board, Sabah Krhot said in an interview for that, “18 members of the Council of Anbar out of 30 voted, during the meeting of the Council held in Baghdad, for Suhaib al-Rawi as governor of Anbar.”

Krhot added, “The result was determined by a majority vote of those present.”

A number of members of the Anbar province held, earlier on Tuesday, a meeting in Baghdad to choose a new governor of Anbar instead of Ahmed Khalaf al-Dulaimi.

It is noteworthy that the Anbar provincial council voted, on 13 December 2014, for the exemption of the former Governor Ahmed Khalaf al-Dulaimi from his position and retire him, while 3 of its members were nominated to his post.

This came after the injury of al-Dulaimi during the operations of liberating Barwana district, where he is receiving treatment in a hospital in Germany.

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