Anti-terrorism forces evacuate 120 Mosul families

Refugees from Mosul. Representational photo.
Refugees from Mosul.
Representational photo.

Nineveh – ( Iraqi anti-terrorism forces have evacuated 120 families from Mosul to a refugee camp in the province of Nineveh as battles continue to liberate Mosul from Islamic State militants.

A source within the forces told Almasalah news website that the forces relocated the refugees, who belonged to diverse areas of Mosil, to al-Khazer camp, northeast of Mosul.

On Wednesday, the International Organization for Migration said the number of refugees leaving homes in Nineveh due to battles doubled has stood at 56400 since battles in Nineveh began in October.

Iraqi government forces continue a security operation launched mid October to retake the city of Mosul, ISIS’s last bastion in Iraq, assisted by an international coalition air cover and popular ground militias. Hundreds of families had either moved to refugee camps or were forced by ISIS to relocate to other parts of the city as the group reportedly uses their residences as barracks or weaponry stores.

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