Arab foreign ministers call on Turkey to withdraw troops from Iraq

Turkish troops. File photo

Cairo ( – The Council of Arab League called on the Turkish government to immediately withdraw its troops from Iraq and end its violation of the Arab country’s sovereignty.

This came in a communiqué issued by the council on Wednesday during its 150th ordinary session held in Cairo at the level of Arab foreign ministers.

In its communiqué, the council urged the Turkish side to “withdraw its troops from Iraqi territories in implementation of the council’s resolution no. 7987 issued on December 24, 2015.”

The council also called on the member states of the Arab League to request Turkey “not to interfere in the domestic affairs of Iraq and stop its provocative actions that would undermine confidence-building and threaten regional security and stability.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced in March wresting control of the Kurdish-majority Syrian city of Afrin after two months of heavy fighting.

More than 1,500 Kurdish fighters have been killed in a two-month assault by Turkish forces and allied Syrian rebels on the Kurdish enclave of Afrin, Al Arabiya quoted the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as saying.

Most of them were killed air strikes and artillery fire. Also, over 400 pro-Ankara rebels had been killed since January 20, the observatory said.

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  1. Did you US&Zionist vassal guys issue any statement for Israel to exit Philistine territories or Jerusalem lately? As long as you and your buddies harbor the PKK terrorists there, Turkish army will always stay to help you out, don’t worry.

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