Arab League rejects Kurdistan independence

22( The Arab League played down the significance of Kurdistan Region’s President, Massoud Barzani, statements about holding a referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Region, while confirming that the Iraqi constitution does not allow for secession, but it allows for the establishment of regions. The Arab League called on the Kurds to move away from the idea of an independent Kurdish state, and that circumstances do not allow it in the present time.

The Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs of the Arab League, Fadil Jawad, said in a statement to several media, including, that “the statements of the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on holding a referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan Rregion are little more than the words of the media,” adding that “the Iraqi constitution, which was signed by the Kurds in 2005 as part of Iraq is not allowed for secession, but allows the establishment of regions.”

Concerning the current security situation in Iraq, Jawad pointed out that “the Arab League is monitoring the situation in Iraq very closely in light of the Declaration of the organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in its establishment of “the Islamic Caliphate State”, describing it as a “new fad.”


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