Arab tribes demand joining Kurdistan, forming force within Peshmerga

Notables of the Arab tribes in Zammar and Rabia
Notables of the Arab tribes in Zammar and Rabia


( On Tuesday, a number of tribal leaders in the west areas of the Tigris in Nineveh province called the presidency of Kurdistan to officially join the borders and form an Arab force within the Kurdish Peshmerga ranks, stressing the importance of maintaining the social fabric in these areas.

A tribal elder in Zammar district, called Moussa Zahir al-Abdullah al-Jubouri, said in an interview for, “The Arab tribes in the areas of Zammar, Rabia and Sinjar officially requested to join the administrative borders of Kurdistan,” noting that, “We have been receiving administrative support and services from Dohuk since 2003.”

Jubouri added, “Kurdistan Regional Government has carried out numerous service projects in those areas, while the administration of Nineveh province has not implemented any services there yet.”

Jubouri also stated that the tribes submitted a request to the region president to form a force of their young who are willing to volunteer within the Peshmerga ranks to contribute to the defense of their areas.


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