Babel Doctors demand to end phenomena of expired medications

Babel Doctors demand to end phenomena of expired medications

Babylon ( A number of doctors in the province of Babel called officials to have a firm stance against the phenomenon of drugs and medications which are either expired or not officially licensed.

Doctor Ahmed Shwaliya, a specialist in the field of pediatrics and director of Hilla first medical sector told Iraqi News ( “The province recently witnessed remarkable widespread of medications and pharmacies and this is recommended step, but the striking issue is the presence of large quantities of expired medications.”

He added that “Babel health Department conducted several field inspection campaigns across the province amounted to approximately forty campaigns to seize non-certified medications,” noting that “The inspection program is still ongoing.”

He called upon governmental agencies operating at the border crossing points to “Follow-up this dangerous phenomenon and reduce it in order to preserve the lives of innocent citizens.”

It is said that the volume of trade of fake drugs annually in the world amounted to more than $ 50 billion for 2007, and it is expected to rise in 2012 to $ 75 billion.

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