Baghdad Mayoralty completes draining rainwater

Baghdad Mayoralty completes draining rainwater

Baghdad ( The Acting Mayor of Baghdad, Abdul Hussein al-Murshdi, announced completing the draining process of rainwater in all Baghdad’s area due to the heavy rainfall that took place in Baghdad a week ago and was estimated the biggest amount of rain falling in Baghdad since 30 years.Baghdad Mayorship reported in statement received by on Wednesday ”Murshdi, and the technical secretary accompanied by director general of media and relation within Baghdad Mayorship, conducted a field tour lasted for hours in which they acquainted with the areas which has been drained of rainwater and the areas that still need more efforts to drain the gathered rainwater in its streets.”The statement added ”Murshdi apologized for the people of Baghdad who were damaged due to rainwater, praising the great sportive efforts which were submitted by the elements of Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Water Resources, Civil Defense Directorate and the Ministry of Housing and Construction as well as the support of people.” \

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