Baqir Charity erects health clinic in Basra

Baqir Charity erects health clinic in Basra

Baghdad ( The engineering cadres of Baqir Charity foundation erected a health clinic in Hartha city of southern Basra province.

The Executive Director of the project, Mazin al-Issa, reported in statement received by on Saturday ”The engineering cadres in cooperation with Basra Health Department has erected a health clinic in Shahla village of Hartha area.”

He assured ”The health clinic will provide health services for about (2500) people of the village residents, ” announcing that ”The health clinic will be inaugurated at the beginning of March,” the statement added.

”Baqir Charity foundation has inaugurated 22 health clinics so far in Baghdad, Babel, Diwaniya, Wassit and Basra,” The statement concluded. \

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