Bibliotheca Alexandrina launches campaign to provide Mosul University library with 100,000 books

A man passes by a ravaged building at Mosul University

( The Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt has launched an international campaign to provide Ashurbanipal Library of the Mosul University with 100,000 books, within efforts to revive the library destroyed by the Islamic State militants in 2015.

“The first amount of books offered to Ashurbanipal reaches 1,500 titles of books offered from Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Egyptian national committee for museums and the French institute for documents and social studies,” according to Khaled Azab, head of the BA Central Projects and Services Sector.

“The Bibliotheca Alexandrina leads an international campaign to provide Ashurbanipal with 100,000 books,” he added.

The Egyptian Library offered Mosul University around 5,000 books before IS burnt the Mosul Library after taking over the city.

Ashurbanipal Library, named after the last ancient Assyrian king, is one of the oldest libraries in the world.

The group, which considered sculptures as symbols of infidelity, posted footage showing its members axing down priceless monuments in Mosul, drawing international condemnation. Reports later showed that some antiquities were sold out in online auctions.

Eastern Mosul was retaken by government troops in January after three months of battles. Another major offensive was launched in February to retake the western side of the city.

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