British Minister calls politicians to consider Iraqis interest

British Minister calls politicians to consider Iraqis interest

Baghdad ( The State British Minister for the Middle East and North Africa Affairs, Alister Bert, called the political blocs to consider the interest of the Iraqi people by conducting serious dialogue to achieve the legitimate demands of the demonstrations.

In a press statement received by, he said “I was shocked and worried for killing the demonstrations in Anbar province while clashing with the Iraqi Army last Friday.”

“We welcome the decision of the Iraqi government to conduct a comprehensive investigation over the accident where we call the government to conduct the flexible investigation,” he added, calling “All the sides to avoid the media escalation and the tension.”

“The demonstrations that Iraqi is witnessing since a month were peaceful and according to the democratic rights of the Iraqi people,” he pointed out, assuring that “The British government supports the rights of the Iraqi people in expressing their opinions in a free way.”

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