Cholera kills 4 women, infects 65 people in Abu Gharib, says Governor of Baghdad

The governor of Baghdad Ali al-Tamimi. File photo.

( The governor of Baghdad Ali al-Tamimi announced on Friday, that four women had died and 65 persons were infected by Cholera disease in the district of Abu Gharib

The office of the governor said in a statement obtained by, “Tamini has arrived in Abu Gharib and held a meeting with the medical cadres and the officials in the district in order to follow up on the plan to face the Cholera disease,” pointing out that, “Four women had died in the district, and 65 people were infected by the disease; 22 of them are in critical condition.”

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  1. It is spread mostly by water and food that has been contaminated with human faeces containing the bacteria. Bad sanitation of faeces and poor hygiene plus insufficiently cooking contaminated food are common sources of this disease. So just use good sanitation techniques and drink clean water plus cook the food properly is what these people should have done so they would not have become infected.

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