Citizen MP criticizes not including students’ grant within 2013 budget

Citizen MP criticizes not including students\

Baghdad ( MP, Ali Shubar, of the Citizen bloc criticized not including the funds related to the students’ grant within the 2013 budget in spite of endorsing it in the parliament.

He stated in a press statement received by on Friday “The Citizen bloc, three years ago, was following up granting the students a financial grant where the 2013 did not include this law.”

“About 141 MPs signed on the request of granting the students a financial grant and the requested was handed over to the Parliamentary Finance Committee in order to send it to the Council of Ministers to approve it and allocate the financial allocations for it, but the latter linked the allocations to the increase of the budget amount which means to neglect it.”

“The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is neglecting the students’ grant where it did not send the number of the students included in this law yet,” he added, noting that “The Citizen bloc checked with the parliament over the students’ grant and the Retirement Salaries law which is also neglected in spite of allocating the financial allocations for it.”

He called “The Finance Committee in the parliament to adhere to its tasks over allocating the required amounts to grant the student their grants within 2013 budget.”

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