CoM intends to establish natural reserved area in Aldelmj Marsh

CoM intends to establish natural reserved area in Aldelmj  Marsh

Baghdad ( The Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers discussed with experts the transformation of Aldelmj Marsh in to a natural reserved area.The Secretariat reported in statement received by that ”The Deputy Secretary General of Cabinet for Ministries and Provinces Affairs, Rahman Issa, has chaired a meeting attended by representatives from Diwaniya and Wassit provinces in addition to the Director General for Committees’ Affair in the Secretariat General of the Cabinet to discussed the situation of Aldelmj Marsh, which is situated between Diwaniya and Wassit provinces.””The meeting included, discussing the means to upgrade the reality of Aldelmj Marsh and how to address the agricultural and environmental reality,” the statement added.The statement continued ”The attendents of the meeting discussed the suggestion of the formed committee to announce the Marsh as a natural reserved area to prevent the outlaws from taking it as a shelter,” noting that “Aldelmj Marsh occupies 120,000 acre of archaeological areas that is dated back to the Sumerian ages.” \

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