Conference of world religions leaders adopts ISESCO Director General’s address in its closing statement

Conference of world religions leaders adopts ISESCO Director General’s address in its closing statement

Baghdad ( The IV Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions concluded its proceedings today in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, with the adoption of a statement on behalf of the conference participants, which stressed the importance of promoting common values of inter-religious dialogue, mutual respect, harmony and friendship, solidarity, justice and creative activity.

The statement affirmed that religion is one of the most influential means of solving social problems in modern society and promoting world peace and prosperity.

As well highlighting and urging recognition of the creative role of women in the family and society, the statement explained that the consolidation of the foundations of society’s moral and spiritual values, and the revival of family values are central to achieving sustainable development and understanding the essence of human existence. The Conference adopted the address sent by Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), as a reference document for its final statement.

It also stressed that the key to a secure world resides in dialogue based on mutual respect, cohesion, compassion, justice, tolerance and equality, while calling for improving interaction and cooperation mechanisms between religious and political leaders, international organizations and the civil society. Furthermore, the Conference expressed its concern over continued wars and racial conflicts, rise of crime rates, and the forms of religious fanaticism and extremism that are conducive to violence.

It also denounced the threat or use of force in any form whatsoever, while calling on the world states to make concerted efforts to resolve these problems. Participants in the Conference expressed their support for establishing a council for religious leaders to foster understanding and cooperation between the followers of religions. /End/

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  1. Those religious leaders that stressed that the key to a secure world resides in dialogue really do NOT understand militant extremist terrorist groups like ISIL.

    Those religious leaders really are stupid if they think that using dialogue with ISIL would bring a secure world as ISIL will NOT stop doing what it is doing until it has taken over this entire world and has done the same to it as it already has done to Iraq and Syria.

    The reality is that force MUST BE USED against ISIL as it is the only thing that will stop ISIL from doing what it is doing.

    It should be made a high priority that those religious leader be taken to the liberated areas to see for themselves the mass graves when they have be found, also they should talk to the millions of refugees who were forced by ISIL to flee for their lives and abandon their homes, and talk to the slaves that ISIL has made of women and hear what they have to say, plus see the burnt bodies of those who were burnt alive and watched the taped video of the burning. Meanwhile they think that they are religious leaders and I wonder what God would think and say about those religious leaders.

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