Decrease in power production temporary, says Aftan

Decrease in power production temporary, says Aftan

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Minister of Electricity, Abdul Karim Aftan, confirmed that the current days cannot be taken as a measure for the capability of the electric power in the country.

The Spokesperson of the Ministry, Musab al-Mudaris, pointed out that “The Minister attributed the decrease of the equipped power hours to submitting of a number of steam power units to the rehabilitation works which caused the loss of 600, 000 mw from the national power grid, besides the loss of about 750 mw per day due to the fuel shortage and decrease of the gas pressure.”

Mudaris noted that the “Minister has stressed that the national power grid will witness clear stability during the next two weeks after joining those power units to the service in addition to inaugurating new power stations within the ministry’s projects.” Mudaris concluded.

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