After IS defeat, U.K. warns of possible threat to Iraq from “Syrian border”

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May

Baghdad ( U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has congratulated the Iraqi people on the great victory over Islamic State.

“On behalf of the United Kingdom, I congratulate Prime Minister Abadi and all Iraqis on this historic moment. I pay tribute to the Iraqi Security Forces for their courage and sacrifice,” May said in a statement published by the British Embassy in Baghdad.

May stressed that the great victory over IS militants “signals a new chapter towards a more peaceful, prosperous country,” adding that U.K. aircraft have launched over 1,350 air strikes in Iraq and have trained over 60,000 members of the Iraqi security forces.

“UK aid provides a vital lifeline to millions of Iraqis with emergency food, shelter, medical care and clean water. We are now supporting the Government of Iraq to lay the foundations for an economy that meets the aspirations of all Iraqis,” the statement read.

However, May warned, “Whilst Daesh [Islamic State] are failing, they are not yet defeated. They still pose a threat to Iraq, including from over the Syrian border”.

At last, May voiced her pleasure that the U.K., as a leading member of the global anti-IS coalition, has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Iraq to help them open a chapter after the defeat of IS militants.

On Saturday, the Iraqi government has announced full liberation of borders with Syria from Islamic State militants.

In a speech during the international media conference held at the journalists syndicate in Baghdad, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said, “our troops gained full control on the Iraqi-Syrian borders. We announce the end of war against Islamic State.”

“Our battle against the enemy, who wanted to destroy our civilization, has ended. However, we gained victory through our unity and determination that made us defeat IS in short time,” he said.

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