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Dohuk received 3000 refugees after recent Kurdish-Iraqi encounters

 Dohuk received 3000 refugees after recent Kurdish-Iraqi encounters

Iraqi refugees fleeing Mosul

Iraqi refugees fleeing Mosul

Dohuk ( The Kurdish Iraqi province of Dohuk has received  nearly 3000 refugee families from regions that saw recently clashes between Iraqi and Kurdish forces, a local official was quoted saying.

Salem Saeed, head of humanitarian affairs media at the province, told  Alghad Press that Dohuk received 2856 families from Zummar, Rabia, Tel Saqf and other Nineveh Plain regions.

Those areas had seen encounters between Kurdish Peshmerga troops and Iraqi forces seeking to restore control following a political crisis that resulted from an independence referendum held by Kurdistan Region government in September.

According to Saeed, Dohuk has become home t more than 740.000 refugees and internally displaced people who fled homes both due to the war against Islamic State militants and the Kurdish-Iraqi standoff.

Saeed added that local authorities were in efforts to register those new arrivals as most f them do not register at camps and, instead,  settle, in province areas  randomly.

The United Nations had voiced concern over reports of human rights violations, including forced deportations and assaults on property, as Iraqi forces deployed at areas disputed with Kurdistan since mid October.

Baghdad said it had seized back control over Kurdistan’s border crossings as well as airports and oil refineries at disputed territories, most notably the province of Kirkuk.


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