Education Ministry calls to organize protests condemning Karrada bombing

Iraqi universities students mourn the victims of Karrada.
Students from different Iraqi universities mourn the deaths in Karrada bombing.

( Baghdad – The blast at Karrada in central Baghdad has saddened one and all. Post the blast, tributes and homages have poured in from all sections for the victims. Not falling behind, the Ministry of Higher Education has urged all to wear badges mourning the loss, apart from asking all to organize protests march condemning the attacks in Karrada.

The ministry, in a statement, stated, “The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has called upon one and all, urging them to wear badges mourning the victims of Karrada bomb blast. Moreover, we appeal all to organize protest march and condemn the act that left a scores dead and dozens injured and overshadowed the joy of Eid al-Fitr.”

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