Egypt hosts conference for reconstruction of devastated areas in Iraq

An Iraqi family passes through a residential area devastated by the anti-Islamic State war

Cairo ( – Egypt is scheduled to host on Sunday an exhibit and conference in support of Iraq’s reconstruction under the auspices of the Arab League.

According to Alforat News, Iraqi Ambassador in Cairo Habib al-Sadr welcomed the promising investments scheduled to be offered at the exhibit “after the great victory the country achieved over the terrorist Islamic State (IS) group.”

Sadr stressed that his country will put forward about 212 investment opportunities at the gathering. He further extended his thanks to the Egyptian companies for their contributions to reconstruct Iraq and transfer their successful expertise to the Iraqi market.

“Iraq is entering a new phase characterized by security stability, blooming economy and social harmony,” he said, adding that Iraq, under these circumstances, is ready to make use of its natural resources and youth capabilities to start the reconstruction process.

Kuwait hosted an international donors conference for the reconstruction of Iraq after the damage sustained during the war against Islamic State militants since 2014. At the end of the conference, Iraq had acquired nearly USD30 billion, much less than a previously projected USD100 billion.

The war against IS had displaced nearly five million people both inside and outside the country, and dealt a severe damage to the country’s infrastructure.

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