Fallujah needs US$2 billion for reconstruction: official

Fallujah, Anbar

Fallujah (  Anbar’s city of Fallujah needs USD2 billion to make up for destruction under the Islamic State, the city’s mayor said Thursday.

Eissa al-Sayer told Aljournal News website that securing the amount at present would be difficult given the government’s engrossment in military operations against the extremist group, adding that world donors focus donations on service projects rather than the infrastructure.

“Sanitation sector losses in Fallujah are estimated by USD50 million, the water services by USD10 million,” al-Sayer said. “The municipality needs USD15 million to compensate for machinery and buildings destroyed during the military operations, add to that losses at the education, health and energy sectors.”

Iraqi government forces regained control over Fallujah in 2016.

The war against Islamic State militants in Iraq has displaced more than four million people since the group emerged in 2014 and proclaimed a “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria. Besides the human loss, the war in Mosul and at encounters at other IS havens in Iraq, have caused serious damages to infrastructure and basic services.

In May, the Iraqi government approved a ten-year scheme for the rehabilitation of  areas liberated from IS worth USD100 billion, saying it would secure the finances depending on international loans and grants.

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