Hayes: Defaming volunteers to defame all Iraqis

Hayes: Defaming volunteers to defame all Iraqis

Anbar ( The head of Anbar Salvation Council, Hamid al-Hayes considered that “the statement which are meant to defame the public mobilization volunteers would defame reputation of all Iraqis.”

He said to on Wednesday “The volunteers are fighting on behalf of all Iraqis and statement that are meant to defame them will defame all reputation of all Iraqis,” stressing that “Anbar tribes will not allow figures and chieftains who supported terrorism to participate in the security conference which is expected to be held by the local government in Anbar in the Iraqi Capital, Baghdad soon.”

“Many of the invited figures to participate in this conference are wanted for justice and I demand the central government to activate these arrest warrants against these criminals,” Hayes added.

It is worth to mention that some figures have given statement against the volunteers in order to consolidate sectarianism in Iraq. /End/

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