Heavy rains demolish many houses in Muthanna

Heavy rains demolish many houses in Muthanna

Muthanna ( Several old houses fell down and the soil was washed away for several meters because of floods in the province of Muthanna.

Reliable source told Iraqi News ( Friday that “Overwhelming floods witnessed by Muthanna province led to the isolation of Besha border district and blur dirt roads and soil erosion for several meters.”

“The floods also led to the fall of some old houses in the district located to the eastern of Samawa city, the center of Muthanna, without causing casualties,” the source added.

The heavy rains witnessed by several Iraqi cities in the past few days have demolished several houses in the provinces of Wassit, Maysan, Samarra and Diwaniya which led to many casualties and those rains caused to stop the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in many areas.

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