Iraq could grant Iranians visa-free entry after IS threat removed

millions of worshippers mark the anniversary of the death of Imam al-Hussein, grandson of Prophet Mohammed, at the Iraqi holy city of Karbala.

Baghdad ( Iraq intends to grant Iranians a visa-free entry after the country completely eradicates the Islamic State threat, its ambassador to Tehran said.

Iranian agency Mehr News quoted ambassador Rageh al-Mosawi Thursday saying that “Baghdad intends to cancel visas for Iranian visitors after the complete elimination of Daesh (Islamic State)”.

“Twenty million visitors have gathered in Karbala in a god security environment…the participation by Iranian visitors increases annually, reaching tens of millions,” the ambassador said, lauding security cooperation between both countries.

Millions of Shia worshippers have marked this weekend 40 days since the anniversary of the death of Imam al-Hussein, grandson of Prophet Mohammed and the most sacred Shia Islam figure, in the battle of Karbala (680 A.D.).

The annual ceremony regularly witness exceptional security preparations on behalf of Iraqi authorities.


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  1. iran should then have visa for karbala and hilllah Iranians are not allowed into Iraq without visa be it hillah or karbala or Kurdistan if Iraqi government don’t listen then hillah and karbala need to put up own borders and maybe become autonomous region Iranian controlled government in Baghdad is not allowed to decide for rest of Iraq.

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