Iraq now has its first helicopter taxi catering for foreign investors

Helciopter taxi from Iraqi company al-Burhan Airways.

Baghdad ( An Iraqi aviation firm is now running the country’s first civilian helicopter transportation service across the country, targeting a secure ride for investors working there.

Al-Burhan Airways, based at Baghdad International Airport, says it is currently Iraq’s only company to run a helicopter taxi.

According to its website, the company runs commercial, corporate and private VIP helicopter flights throughout Iraq, with special focus on transportation of investors to oilfields. It also provides medical evacuation services.

The company launched its first flight late February. Back then, Iraqi aviation officials said they support the service and look forward to extending it to other provinces.

Middle East Online quoted company executives saying that the flights takeoff from Baghdad to carry customers from al-Rasheed Hotel, which locates inside the heavily-fortified Green Zone and serves as the main stop of foreign businessmen.

The website quoted Helmy Salama, head of lodging at AlRasheed Hotel, saying the new service will hopefully offer better prices compared to special security firms, and will spare customers the burdens and dangers of land transportation.


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