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Iraq receives new batch of Russian T-90 battle tanks

 Iraq receives new batch of Russian T-90 battle tanks



Baghdad ( – Iraq received on Tuesday a new batch of T-90 tanks from Russia, a military official said as the country still strives to boost its armed capabilities following the defeat of the Islamic State terror group in 2017.

Speaking to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) on Tuesday, Maj. Gen. Walid Khalifa, the commander of the army’s 9th armored division, said the fourth batch of the Russian T-90 battle tanks arrived safely in Iraq and was delivered to the Iraqi Defense Ministry.

He added that army troops have been prepared to operate the tanks after they received training at the hands of Russian experts.

In July 2017, Iraq signed a deal with Russia on the delivery of a “large batch” of modernized T-90 main battle tanks worth one billion dollars.

The T-90 is the newest export version of the T-90AM tank which uses the same types of ammunition as the T-90. The ammunition includes fragmentation shells with a remote blasting which makes it possible to effectively destroy enemy personnel.

Speaking to Sputnik, Russian military expert Viktor Murakhovsky recalled that “the conditions of Iraq and Syria are desert and semi-desert areas and a long range of open spaces.”

“The T-90 is already successfully using guided missiles launched through the barrel; in this regard, a high-precision missile with a range of up to five kilometers can be described as a sort of [the T-90’s] ‘high-precision hand’,” Murakhovsky said.

“At present there are no targets on the battlefield that the Russian tanks [T-90] could not destroy. If the target is found, it will be obliterated,” Murakhovsky added, referring to an enemy tank, vehicles used by terrorists and firing points.

According to him, these tanks “meet the main requirements of military operations” which is why the T-90 is a tank of choice for the military of many countries. Murakhovsky touted the Russian T-90 tanks as “extremely reliable, highly protected and fool-proof vehicles.”

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