Iraq recovers ancient artifacts from Japan

Iraq recovers ancient artifacts from Japan

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Ambassador to Japan, Luqman Abdul Rahim, received 78 piece of pottery which represent Iraqi ancient artifacts dating back to sites of Tel Kuba and Sinker in Hamrin hills reserved in 15 boxes.

A statement by the Foreign Ministry cited “Earlier, the Japanese Archeologist Professor Hideo Fuji had borrowed these pieces from the Iraqi National Museum in 1982, but he did not give them back to Iraq.”

“The Iraqi embassy in Tokyo managed after serious efforts in regaining the Iraqi antiques and artifacts through dialogue and coordination with the Chairman of the Civilization Studies Institute of Old Iraq in Kukushikan University in Japan,” the statement added.

“The Ambassador of Iraq expressed, during the ceremony of receiving the artifacts, his gratefulness and appreciation to the positive cooperation by the Japanese side in overcoming obstacles to conclude this operation,” the statement concluded.

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