Iraq spares no effort to reduce impact of U.S. sanctions against Iran, says president

Iraqi President Barham Salih

Baghdad ( – Iraqi President Barham Salih stressed on Sunday that his country will do its best to reduce the impact of U.S. sanctions against Iran.

“Let me tell you that Iraq will not become part of the US unilateral sanctions regime against Iran. There is no doubt that we will be affected by these sanctions, but it is certain that we will not be part of them,” Press TV channel quoted Salih as saying at a press conference.

“Iraq insists that the interests of our friendly and neighboring country must be met. We will do our best to reduce tensions in this regard and decrease the damage that will be done to the Iranian nation,” he said.

US President Donald Trump pulled America out of the Iran nuclear deal last May, reimposing sanctions on the regime and delivering on an election campaign promise.

The US president said the “defective” 2015 agreement would not stop Iran developing a nuclear bomb and signed a presidential memorandum enacting the US withdrawal.

Britain, France and Germany condemned the move in a joint statement and promised to stay within the nuclear agreement claiming that it was the only way to prevent a Middle-Eastern nuclear arms race.

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