Iraqi authorities declare curfew in al-Dujail district following fierce tribal clashes

Paramilitary fighters and military vehicles are seen during a military operation to retake positions held by Islamic State militants, on the outskirts of Muqdadiyah in Diyala province, north of Baghdad January 25, 2015. Picture taken January 25, 2015. REUTERS

Salahuddin ( – Iraqi authorities on Wednesday imposed a curfew in the Shia-dominated district of al-Dujail in Salahuddin until a further notice shortly after security forces contained tribal clashes there, a security source was quoted as saying.

Speaking to Alforat News, the source said that security forces “have been deployed in the district to ensure the curfew is applied and to prevent any clashes between tribesmen again.”

Fierce clashes erupted earlier in the day in al-Dujail district, northeast of Salahuddin, after three chieftains were found dead in al-Taji area.

The chieftains, according to the source, “were kidnapped while on their way back from the funeral of Col. Hussein al-Khazarji, who was killed, along with his brother, on Tuesday evening on the Dujail-Baghdad road.”

Several tribes had staged rallies and blocked roads in Salahuddin, demanding the capture of the killers and bringing them to trial as soon as possible.

The demonstrators also demanded the release “of their sons, who are still kidnapped in the province.”

There has been an uptick in attacks and kidnappings in Iraq since the defeat of Islamic State militants last year.

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