Iraqi Dinar revaluation postponed by Central Bank for 5 years says MP Noura al-Bajari

A member of Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission, MP Noura al-Bajari
A member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission, MP Noura al-Bajari.

Baghdad ( A member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission, MP Noura al-Bajari, confirmed on Wednesday that the initiative to revalue and delete zeros from the Iraqi Dinar is ready for implementation by the Central Bank although it will be delayed by five years given the political and security situation of Iraq.

In an interview with al-Bajari said “The policy to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency is ready to be executed by the Central Bank, however, its implementation will be delayed by 5 years on the basis of the extreme security and political situation of the country.”

Al-Bajari said that the head of the Central Bank of Iraq had previously said that this policy from parliament was accepted and that the zeros will be deleted from the Iraqi currency in the next 5 years.

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    • Have you RV your currency? Do you still have your Dinar and need an exchange? I have got Intel about RV centers,so hit me up to discuss if you are up for it,it’s an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss I can tell.

  1. I see it as they will redefine/revalue the currency with the lop in 5 years. So, we will revalue now and revalue again, in 5 yrs .

  2. I was concern for what happened with the mexican pesos in the 80s now i think we will get the same kind of money we invested. If you invest $100.00 that is what you are going to get. PERIOD!

  3. I don’t really think ur looking at the whole picture! Reread the above! Each statement contradicts the other plus no dates are on anything! Personally I don’t think Iraq is the problem.

  4. Dinar for sale. Tired of waiting for the impossible to happen. But at least we finally have some news on this bs investment. Gold has never let me down.

  5. Still a go in US, as far as I know. HCL about to pass, and agreements have been made. There has been alot of progress, but we wait. Continue your research, because I think this whole thing is about to blow wide open.

  6. How is this a bs investment? Everything Iraq has been doing for the last 5+ years would NOT have been done if there was no intent to revalue the purchasing power. If they were going to just replace the 25,000K note, for example,with a 25 note, then that’s what they would have done. Nope, instead they’re buying (have bought MUCH) gold to back their currency, made trade agreements with other countries, opened their companies (isx) to the world in which to invest (on the way to nasdaq), they’re “de-dollerizing.” and they went from 9 billion dinar notes (not to be confused with all assets to equal more total dinar, but just the notes themselves) to 6 billion notes, to 4 billion notes, and then sometime this past summer they said they are going to get down to 1 billion notes. The last time Iraq had 1 billion notes in circulation 1 dinar was equal to 3+ U.S. dollars. So it is very simple to see they ARE going to revalue their currency. And now, instead of waiting 10, 15, 20 more years Iraq has basically told us they have a fully functioning government, many laws to put in place, gotta teach banks and companies how to privately handle the coming and going of finances, have to deal with isis, and FINALLY implement their plan (which they’ve had ready for some time) to REVALUE their currency to have the puchasing power it once did. Oh, and they’re projected happening is ONLY gonna be five years. You just told me that my 3 million dinar will make me the owner of 3+ million dollars in NO LONGER THAN 5 years. Sorry, five years ago from today was 2009….seems like yesterday to me. You’re about to sell your dinar and I’m jumping for joy KNOWING Christmas will be here in a short amount of years. To each their own I guess.

  7. Iraq is not the problem and never the problem. They needed their currency reform (RV) more than we do. THE problem is the b******t Gurus calling it everyday spreading false hope. These peoples should be punished.

  8. I have tried to post comments to the dinar sites with no luck…They will only post if you agree and are praising god…..follow the money….the sites are making big money from ads…..they could care less about the truth!

  9. I’ve done my research and this is not a good investment.
    If you decide to buy Dinar, make sure that it’s the new currency, not the old with saddam hussein on it. Then were are you going to exchange it?

    If it sound to good to be true, it probably is.

    Don’t buy Dinars!

  10. I’ve been holding New Iraq DInar for about 8 years until now and still following news about Iraq Dinar. If Iraq Dinar is revalued then i will be rich but if Iraq Dinar doesn’t works then i will hang piece by piece in my living room wall for decorations. Happy New Year to everyone!!!

  11. All war torn countries will revalue their currency sooner or later. Even the country that was destroyed by the atom boom.

  12. I have spoken w/A President of a Bank, who just happened to be a SVP at a sophisticated intelligence gathering machine, here in Austin Tx.The company is Still in operation today! !!! I asked
    “John “,what about this Dinar rv? And he said, is it LEFTHANDED MONEY? I said yes it is !! He laughed & said make sure when u buy something, make sure that the bills are facing HEADS UP!!!!

  13. This is another way to use false information to keep more people away from the hope of prosperity they have been dreaming about and run off people who can’t be patient in this huge investment…. DO NOT BELIEVE THE MEDIA OR ANY OTHER DINAR HOPELESS LET DOWN FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!! It’s around the corner to happen soon.

  14. I have set back to wait for some comments on this post. Now its time for me to explain. An first off Bently is the best post but slightly off. Yes goal 1 billion notes not 1 billion dinar in which it was around during pre-gulf war era. The notes are as high as 25,000 dinar notes. So worst odds say they were all 25K notes that puts 25 trillion dinar on the streets. Correct. Formulate the reserves now to pre-gulf war reserves an you end up with each dinar being worth $0.04 yes four cent. An that’s being at 1 United States Dollar holding 100% of its true meaning.(100 pennies). Well the true purchasing value of a dollar right now is a tad bit more than 90 pennies. So formulate that at the exchange rate of 4 cent plus 10% more. So roughly each dinar holds around 5 cent value. But we all know that all the notes are not all 25k dinar notes. The amount of each size note I do not know an either does the Central Bank of Iraq. They do a rough guest. Sounds weird but all countries do. Money is lost or destroyed every day especially when bombs are hammering cities. An then you have to formulate the economy production in to the rate which 95% of their production is the sell of oil. How much has the oil production gone up from pre-gulf amounts. Mmm. Value keeps growing. Nice! An what about the largest gold deposit in the world found in Iraq that hit the media for just 1 day than vanished. Whys that? Supply/Demand would have took an effect on gold value in which gold would have dropped in value an in return the United States dollar would gain value an that’s not what are government wants. It is cheaper to pay off debt at a lower purchasing value. Sounds weird again I know but that’s how the monetary system goes in which the IMF is in control of. An know that the IMF only controls world recognize currencies that are part of the WTO. In which the Iraqi Dinar (Iraq) is not part of. That’s how they are at a dirty float an are not forced to show true value as of right now. But that will change in the future at a rate of 1 to 1. An watch what China is doing selling U.S. debt bonds to other countries to gain more % of the IMF an to put the exchange into gold. The United States Dollar will loose its world reserve currency position. Which will drive the demand for the dollar down an the value. So put a certain amount of your portfolio into precious metals. Great opportunity right now gold an silver are low. Iraq says their goal is to get the dinar to pre-gulf war value. Yes $3+. Understand that will be the new low base notes not the high we hold now. We will get out at a 1 to 1 rate then we will play Forex the rest of the ride if you want. All facts above now this below is just my knowledge with currency. Its best to have a low value currency to do trade but a strong valuable currency for a reserve currency. In which I think the Iraqi Dinar will become. IQD is listed on our Treasury Foreign Reserve Table but no listed amount. My theory of they once had it an they sold it to investors. Mmm sounds like the exact words Bush said “This war will pay for itself an some. We bought assets an then sold them to investors an will buy them back with both making profitable gains on both ends.” Mmm again sounds like a war bond to me maybe 4 trillion dinar worth? But hell what do I know I’m just your average 30 year old that studies a bit an is a wear of his surroundings an stays up to date on current events in the world. Hang in there folks the #’s add up. Love 1 an another an pray for world peace!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    • So are you saying that the Iraqi Dinar will not LOP but will go up in value, I think in the news article we are commenting on they were describing a LOP. And I own 20.000.000 Dinar myself but feel raped and violated by all of the Dinar RV naysayers. So are you saying I made a good investment?

  15. An on second note why on earth were American banks selling Iraq dinar. Like I said a non world reconized currency. Try to purchase any other non world reconized currency at a bank it wont happen. Bank of America, Chase, and Fifth Third bank sold dinar for 7 years. Then all of a sudden they quit selling it cause they said they weren’t selling IQD for investment purposes. Seven years of strait vacationers heading to war torn Iraq oh yea come on. The treasury dried up. You can still purchase at currency dealers cause they buy it from people that bought in off hype that it was going to hit tomorrow an keeps changing hands from one to another. Yep to big to fail!!

  16. I’ve been in this investment for 4 years, I originally bought my Dinar from TD bank. Then they stopped selling it as did all other banks. I knew from the start this was a long term investment and was not a get rich quick scheme. We are dealing with a country’s currency and that is the clue right there. I started researching and seeing how it was kept artificially under valued and knew that would have to change at sometime. With further research you know that NO country can have a duel currency as Iraq has done since they flooded it with US dollars. So I watched the auctions and then saw how they started to de-dollarize then they stopped de-dollarizing and I knew another strategy was at hand. We have had a corrupt leader in Maliki, Otherwise he would have given the people of Iraq purchasing power, and looked out for his countries interest, but it was only his interest he was looking out for. All his crimes were to cover up what he was doing on his own behalf. When Maliki was finally replaced with Abadi and he put together a whole GOI encompassing all regions that is when Iraq finally regained a spot on the playing field. So now we just wait until all the laws are passed, until the budget can reflect a reality rate without hype and weather the Dinar rises slowly or with a RI or RV it will once again become whole. Let’s also keep in
    mind that the Middle East has never known peace and nothing seems as it really is. So we just wait and we will see it all come to fruition. It doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong we just wait it is an investment after all not a guarantee.

    • So does this mean when they remove the zeros from the currency that the 25,000 note will be worthless. My question is, is that when the rv does happen and they remove the zeros, let’s say the currency equals the dollar 1 dollar to 1 dinar, will my 25k notes be only worth 25 dollars

      • The zero’s don’t come off the note and that has already been addressed.They come off the Rate I.E. .00086 would become .86

  17. The dinar has to revalue, at least to what it was before the war, 3.53. They are one of the richest countries in the world and the dinar has to revalue. t is right around the corner. I have held mne for several years now, but did well with the Kuwati dinar when it happened and the same is true with the dinar. Go out and acquire some, off Ebay is a good source. What the heck is $100 for a chance at $353,000 if it goes back its prewar power. You spend more than that at Starbucks.

  18. Why dont you invest in a pool to send someone you all vote on to get you the answers and info you need If your going to make this kind of money I’d want fact not guessing. When the RV comes put it back in the pool for another investment or split it back up.I have an intrust in it. This is how people become rich. You all know this or you would not be there! Don’t sell yourself short. Hang in there and keep your dreams alive

  19. This country and government is so messed up I don’t think anything is going to happen anytime soon specially this year. You can all pray and wish for RV but there’s no way that its going to happen with a country that do not have any stability and still currently killing their own people.

    • You’re saying two different things. First you say you dont think its going to happen anytime soon. Then you say theres no way its going to happen. Which is it? Truth is… it is HAPPENING. They are slowly (not easily as there are obstacles to overcome, but iraq is overcoming them) building stability, backing the strength of their currency, and putting laws in place…all in the simple name of revaluing. They will revalue. Anytime soon? What is soon? I see it happening in within the next 2-10 years. That’s soon to me. I bought my car in 2010. That was yesterday as it feels like I just got it. Its already 2015…… see what I mean? I’s coming.

  20. Question: – Does it really make sense [to anyone] out there that the Iraqi CB would re-value a currency right now – or anytime soon – while they’re in the middle of a war for very control of major parts and cities of their country? ISIS had pillaged and plundered (banks included) on a scale that makes the Vikings look infinitesimal. Why would they realign the currency now – increasing the purchasing power of their enemy? My opinion – not likely at this time – or even soon, for that matter…

  21. There are 200 trillion dinars floating in the world now.
    One group has 27 themselves. How can anyone expect more than a few pennies, if that?

  22. I bought 47 million dongs, this is my lottery ticket. What I can’t understand that if this was really close and we are all going to be rich . Don’t you think that this would surface on CNBC or the headlines of major news papers ? I don’t see anything…. and what about Wall street and wealth managers. I see and hear nothing that’s proof it might happen. Any thoughts?

  23. Iraqi dinar will raise in value as soon as the current political condition in Iraqi becomes stable. The New Prime Minister of Iraq is following a strict economic plan to improve the economic performance of all Iraqi entities. As soon as ISIL is out and Iraq is united again, there is revaluation of Iraqi Dinar and deletion of three zeros. Same thing is happening to Iranian Rials Toman Iran and the expected lift of sanctions will better the exchange rate of IRR. Remember IRanian Rial was 1750 per one dollar in year 2001… it is now 29900!!!!

  24. Lord, you poor people are being duped….simple question. if the Dinar is going to revalue and be worth millions, why in the world would anyone be SELLING it? I pray you aren’t spending your retirement, mortgage money or kids education funds on this crap….

  25. Hey you get a cent for your dinar……. Not now not ever….
    Gurus making millions…. Tony (TNT ) goin to jail again for scam…… His brother takes over so he goin lie to the people
    For a few more year….

  26. You obviously don’t read news from iraq, or read what the Governor of the Central bank of iraq (C.B.I) has to say.
    They have layed out the plan in detail, CBI Governor is on internet video in washington D.C giving a speech.
    You need to read IRAQI NEWS!!!!!!

  27. Iraqi’s Dinar Currency should go through their 1st revalue before 2018 and its 2nd revalue sometime in 2018. The 1st assessed revalue is supposedly 10 cents per dinar without any zeros dropped. The 2nd assessed revalue is supposedly 25 cents per dinar if Iraq’s Oil Sales are not limited and World wide Investors are on the move rebuilding Iraq and the continued assured annihilation of the ISIS Caliphate & al-Qaeda. An imminent promise by the U.N. Coalition Forces Leaders of 68 Countries to date.

  28. As a currency investor,I know we have waited for years waiting to see our investment turn over the
    big money when RV happens. Some have lost hopes and belief that this time will come but I can
    tell that its here,the big money is here and RV is here this info the cabals wouldn’t let out or made
    known to the general public,they control this and its a game plan to frustrate the general public
    holding on to the dinar cos they never wanted this idea of wealth acquisition known to all at first
    but only the fortunate ones like us took that step for this big opportunity by purchasing the
    dinar and same as the fortunate ones with the deep,solid Intel get to RV as it’s happening but not
    to the general public. I am glad to share this with other dinar other currency investors,we have
    waited for this big day,the big money,it is now,it is here don’t miss out on this big opportunity,RV
    is now,it happening. If would like to get more details on how to go about it,contact me at
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    makes it great that’s why I’m sharing this million dollar Intel with you.

    • Guess you aren’t paying attention.ISIS is gone and you need to learn to read between the lines.Not long ago troops were sent back to Iraq AND we know security is needed and will be needed when they do RV.Not to mention Trump talking Gold backed currency..look at the 100 bill half Old dollar and half Gold backed? time will tell

  29. Father Abraham taught us that the hardest part of faith is the wait. Its inevitable that the currency will revalue. The big question is when. It is not in the country’s best interest that we know when. The proxy governor of the C.B.I. and / Dr. Shabibi perhaps.

  30. We are closing in on the five-year mark. The silence on this topic is deafening throughout the general public. With ISIS largely defeated it is time to renew hope and commence the great rebuilding. There is no reason for RV to stall unless a new war opens up.
    For those who wait will reap the great reward.

  31. Hey 2018 6 Aug we are still waiting if its correct we have less then a year to wait depend when it Revalues Jan or April or possibly latest Aug 2019…
    Live life enjoy your life an know God is In Control of the Revalue an our Lives all times.
    Appreciate know what you have learned all these years to keep your life a float know that the Lord was there through the good an bad.
    Once this reset take place thank God we have prosperity to continue to live an survive an maybe retire early an pay tithing help ones who need it an continue to invest an grow your found
    Wealth. Thank you Lord….

  32. This is the year of Jubilee ! Everything seems to be lining up to happen soon, almost 5 years later so……May God Bless Us All ! If you don’t believe in this investment Sean Hannity did a good interview on the Dinar awhile back that is worth watching to get educated on this investment. Also, Kim Clement had a message from God worth listening to also. I thought it was going to revalue a long time ago and when I saw they were going to hold off for 5 years it made sense to me since Iraq was still a mess back then and I could not see the Dinar worth more than the US dollar. May God Bless Us All Soon !

  33. people think there going to take the 3 zeros off the notes , thats not what it means there going to take it off the value of the money that means if it is 00.00085 it will go to .85 thats 85 cents

    • Am I understanding correctly, that the exchange would be affected and whereas in your example, what is worth 00.00085 would increase to .85, so every dinar that is essentially worthless now will go to .85 american cents? Hate to sound stupid, bought this stuff years ago and just found while moving and figured I would check it out.

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