Iraqi girls pose in combat outfit to protest PUBG ban

Iraqi girls protst PUBG ban in Baghdad. (twitter)

Baghdad ( A group of Iraqi girls have protested a recently approved Iraqi parliament ban on online combat game PUBG, a decision that won wide-scale condemnation from the youngster society in Iraq.

A photo circulated among Iraqi social media users showed four girls, dressed in military outfit copying the game’s characters, posing in al-Mansour neighborhood in the Iraqi capital.

One PUBG user, Wafaa al-Obaidi, told Russia Today that the game had no negative effect “at least for me”, adding that the girl’s action “was one way to protest such a decision”, urging the Iraqi government to “get busy with other decisions rather than banning games”.

Elaborating on its decision, the Iraqi parliament cited the game’s negative impact on the young generation on the security and societal levels.

PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battleground) is a multi-player combat and survival game developed by Tencent in 2017, and is applicable to IOS and Android systems.

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