Iraqi parliament legislative elections to be held on May 12

Iraqi parliament.

Baghdad ( The Iraqi parliament has approved holding the legislative elections as scheduled on May 12.

“The House of Representatives ratified a decision that set May 12, 2018 as date for holding the legislative elections. The decision was taken in consensus,” AlSumaria News quoted a parliamentary source as saying on Monday.

Earlier on the day, the parliament held a session, presided over by Salim al-Jubouri, in attendance of 171 MPs to tackle the measures related to elections.

On Sunday, the parliament said holding the legislative elections of the chamber has become obligatory after the federal court decreed holding the elections on the scheduled time.

The parliament approached the court, earlier this week, to settle a political dispute over the holding of legislative elections after the chamber failed to reach a consensus over the schedule of polls. Jubouri ordered a secret poll among representatives over holding the legislative elections on time while postponing local elections.

Divisions broke out as Sunni blocs preferred postponement to give time to displaced voters to return to their home regions after the end of military operations against Islamic State militants.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has repeatedly reiterated that the polls would be held on time. Shia parties, which occupy a majority of the chamber, have also opposed postponement.

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