Iraqi security says terror ring disbanded before launching attacks in Mosul

Iraqi troops arrest suspected terrorists in Baghdad

Mosul ( Iraqi security command said Monday it apprehended a terrorist cell planning for attacks in the city of Mosul, Islamic State’s former proclaimed capital.

Bri. Gen. Yahia Rasoul, spokesperson of the Security Media Center, said  in a statement that “accurate intelligence information helped military intelligence teams to infiltrate, disband and apprehend a terrorist cell in Hammam al-Alil in Mosul”.

He said the cell’s members had been wanted by the judiciary for terrorism charges.

He did not clarify the number of those apprehended.

Iraq declared victory over Islamic State militants in December 2017, ending a three-year military campaign against the group to retake areas they had occupied to proclaim a self-styled “caliphate”. But the group  has carried out several attacks against security and civilians since then.

Mosul was Islamic State’s capital and base of operations in Iraq. It was from its Grand Nuri Mosque thart IS founder, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, proclaimed the group’s rule. Iraqi forces recaptured the city last July after an operation that lasted for more than eight months.


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