Iraqis to enjoy electricity by next summer, says MoE

Iraqis to enjoy electricity by next summer, says MoE

Baghdad ( The Minister of Electricity, Karim Aftan al-Jumaili, confirmed that “Many electricity stations will be in service with surplus production capacity by next summer.”

Aftan reported in a speech he delivered during the inauguration of the second gas station in Babel province ”Many electricity stations will join the service by the next summer to provide a total production capacity of (13,000 MW).”

”The Hilla electricity station which was inaugurated on Saturday with production capacity of (250,000 MW) and the Ministry of Electricity inaugurated many electricity stations in Taji, Karbala and Hilla to upgrade the electricity level in Iraq,” he added.

”There are other electricity stations in Rumela, Mansuriya and Salah-il-Din which are waiting for financial and moral support to be accomplished,” he concluded. \

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