498 ISIS terrorists killed in Jurf al-Sakhar military operation

498 ISIL terrorists killed in Jurf al-Sakhar military operation: Sources

Baghdad ( Security sources stated that the military operation in Jurf al-Sakhar resulted in killing 498 ISIS terrorists including non-Iraqis.

The sources added to “30 of the ISIS terrorists were from Chechnya, 24 from Syria and 35 from Saudi Arabia. 60 of them were snipers or gunman and 29 others were suicide bombers.” /


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  1. “Bravo,
    dear islamic fighters,you are the savers of humanity,the real followers of imam husain(a.s.).please carry on and clean the country from ISIL monsters.keep one thing in mind everytime that these monsters are the destroyers of islam, and they should be destroyed at any cost.may ALLAH help you.”

    • Dear Abbas,
      ISIS is not a Sunni branch of Islam,They are created by Saudi Wahhabi to terrorize secular Muslim world to serve their Zionist maters.
      Sunnis are Hanafis,Hambalis ,Shafis and Malakis are secular people.

      • Sayeed Khan,

        You are as dumb as the lemmings that join ISIS and believe their drivel if you believe that Zionists are the makers of ISIS. I would like to know, if, as you conspiracy theorists believe, Israel and the US are so smart and can orchestrate the complex machinations that would create ISIS to destroy secular Muslims, why don’t they just orchestrate Peace. This would seem about as easy or impossible. You are an idiot.

  2. Realy the isis and wahabism is stigma for the humanity.they are takfiris like yazid ibn mawiya who also declared himself as a khalifa like abu bakir baghdadi the leader of takfiris…

  3. Thanks for that great victory for normall world . Big hello Iraq fighters from EU ! Go ahead for new victories !!!

  4. yeah im so proud of my country kill those b*****d sons like mad dogs no mercy upon then. It will me beter if they execute them right away like they did to the innocent people and post videos on youtube. I think that will shock all those dogs.

    • You have right Ali ,world did not see brutality like ISIS . No mercy for them,they can not be better ,they are monsters . I am very sory because that happend your country . I dont understant way are so brutal , only mad people can do this , they are sick in the head ! In new victory Iraqi fighters !

  5. Yeah…it is a good news..that servers of Imam Husai(a.s) clearing of these beasts…..and making the peacfull way to the future of iraqis…..salute O’ sons of honable mothers of iraqs…….Asslam ala Ashabel Husain(a.s)

  6. thnx alot iraq forces ,destroy all the isis dogs f**k them,,u must be do it,,and it certainy need for the world,,,,,what the f**k barak obama doing yet,,,,,u r th real heroes of their ,,u must be do it,,god always with u,,thnx god plz save them,,iraqi forceeeeeeeeees

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