ISIS advertises position for new oil refinery manager on salary of $225,000

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.

Baghdad ( On Sunday the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) advertised a job offer within the oil industry.

Several media sources reported that the group is experiencing problems managing oil fields captured in both Iraq and Syria, and therefore is looking for a new oil refinery manager on a salary of $225,000 a year.

The successful applicant will be working under severe circumstances in probably one of the least attractive job offers in the oil industry. The extremist group has been using black market agents to advertise for the managing position.

Noteworthy the militants of the group have captured at least 12 oilfields in Iraq and Syria and has been selling the oil in the black market since June.


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  1. Can I get some additional information about the benefits? And do I get weekends off? My wife is Jewish and observes the sabbath while I need to go to church on Sunday.

  2. Short term goals to be submitted due to when bombed the other option is to declare you a spy and behead you. But they do give health benefits. Lol

  3. hey can I have an application for the very very soon to be hubby please, he’s already out there risking everything so I guess he should actually get paid well for if. I will give him my consent to work for them providing they leave his head where it is.. He’s already out there working so available for interviews, I’m not a greedy. Person but I’m thinking that pay deal should be doubled. 😉

  4. Says in finer details of employment expectancy must be willing to wear a strap- on if required..dont think there referring to the strap -on of the sexual then again!!!!!

  5. Job Requirements:

    Must be able to work in harsh environments, that may include: excessive heat, no water cooler breaks, and lots of competetive work which you have to try to keep a cool head.

    Pay will not be yearly, as it will be VERY weakly.

    Laziness unacceptable! If caught laying down on the job, you will continue to be laying down on the job, then later in the sewage.

    Previous applicants will not reply. We need new people! Religion unimportant, as we’ve already proven.

    So, if you’re in the market for a well paying, horrible condition, life-risking, non-value-holding job, come find us! We’re dressed in black (not to be confused with the alien-hunting guys), have a black flag (and don’t even have a boat, I mean come on…the desert only needs 1 big bridge), and our smell is undeniably equivalent to a decomposing, 5-day dead street hooker, rotting in the cesspools of NYC.

    Remember: all applicants accepted, as long as you’re a follower, instead of a leader. Our sheep are stupid, and prefer you to be too!

  6. Does this job provide company paid life and hospital insurance? How about air fare and housing? What’s the sign up bonus?

  7. I can not believe , how group like ISIS can have oil refinery ?? Its not small place , why Iraq are coalitions plane do not bombard refinery ?

  8. Will the failed applicants be automatically beheaded or not? I think this will be an ideal job for Indian and Bangladeshi Managers as they are used to working under severe circumstance. When I say severe circumstance, it means you are working with foul rot smelling workers that do not know the word “water” or “soap”.

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