ISIS raped 170 virgin girls in Anbar, 50 Yazidi girls in Mosul

The head of Fallujah Council, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Nimrawi. File photo from the Sheikh's Facebook page.
The head of Fallujah Council, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Nimrawi. File photo from the Sheikh’s Facebook page.

Mosul ( The head of Fallujah Council, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Nimrawi, said in a statement today that more than 170 documented rapes were committed by members of the so-called the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) against virgin girls in Anbar province over the past two months.

On the other hand, media relations director for the National Alliance of Nineveh, Sadeq al-Shammari, revealed that the criminal gangs of ISIS raped 50 girls from the Yazidi sect in the city of Mosul over the same period according to reported and documented cases.

Al-Shammari said in a press statement that “the elements ISIS put the raped girls in Al Salam Hospital in Mosul for the purpose of treating and returning them to their families,” adding that “the leaders of ISIS threatened the doctors at the hospital not to leak such information to the media.”

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  1. Lies, lies and more lies………just like lies that Saddam’s men were taking babies out of incubators,saddam’s WMD, Saddam’s mobile chemical labs….these Iraqies have learnt well from their zionist and american masters to lie and demonise their enemies. IS has strict sharia laws and it is unthinkable that they would perpatrate such heinious crime as rape.

    • They killed a guy who went to syria to help kids. Their own strict sharia court cleared him of any wrong doing and they murdetred him in cold blood.

    • What. Are you serious? They perpeturate heinous crimes like beheading innocent people, massacring other Muslims, and persecuting Christians despite that being against their religion. So you seriously don’t think they’re capable of rape? Get real.

      • These destroyers and their blood-letting religion should be totally eliminated from the rest of the world in any way possible.

    • 10/10 believable troll poking fun of people who actually believe that having “strict sharia laws” actually make those enforcing them better people. Just like in Saudi and Afghanistan.

      • These ISIS donkeys need to understand that God/Allah does not have any ‘spoilt children”. They will soon find that out much to their detriment and great surprise.

    • Yes they would never rape- just behead and murder an innocent christian in violation of their own prophets sacred guarantee to protect christians living under islamic rule.

      • I just heard the holocaust was also Lies, lies and more lies = hmmmm – – –
        Who’s lying 8 ball IDIOT ?

    • But beheading on the other hand is acceptable? There’s no real need to demonize anything after IS publicly beheaded 4 innocent and powerless men, they are doing a fine job demonizing themselves.

      • Hi.
        Beheading is not a lie. Its a traditional part in religion for many muslims. But I m chatting with muslims and they say that the people in the TV got paid for this s**t to provocate a war.

    • You realize ISIS murders people who don’t believe the exact same thing they do because they think their actions are justified by “God”? They see rape as their prize for defeating their heathen enemies.

      Of course it’s against Sharia law.
      Of course, ISIS does not follow Sharia law!

      They follow a twisted version of a peaceful religion that is being used to brainwash the uneducated and the poor, for the benefit of a few powerful men who simply want to take over the country. These men are using the ignorance of regular people going through hard times to motivate them, to TRICK them, into putting them into power. Inciting religious fervor and extremism for political gain is the oldest trick in the book.

    • The only lies is the one you keep telling yourself about these animals they will be beaten like the Nazis were beaten but you keep telling yourself your lies

    • yep Bashar is a FuggingPsychopath — just because Cameron & the Cabal & Merkel & the Bush Nazis & Netanyahu ARE THE ONES WHO ORGANIZED AND TRAIN & GIVE WEAPONS to ISIS, does not mean the ISIS psychopaths are nice guys, not at all. They would do what they do regardless of where their funding and weapons and Hate Training-for-Neanderthal-Men comes from.

    • Bashar, why don’t you give your home address? I’ll stop by and we can chat for a while. At least till you bleed out. Semper Fi!

    • Bashar , do crime and justify it will never be treated as fact. Your fate will be much worst than the girls and innocent people suffered. Burning days for ISIS are not so far…Dirty Demons, will blast you…

    • The statistics may have been made up. We live in the information age – I doubt that all the reports of rapes we have been hearing are lies. What do you make of these?

      The Qur’an dictates, women already married are forbidden for Muslims except those whom their right hands possess (ie sex slaves).
      ~ Reference: Qur’an 4:24

      “In Islamic law (Sharia), Ma malakat aymanukum (“that which the right hand possesses”) is the term for slaves or captives of war. According to Muslim theologians, it is lawful for male masters to have sexual relations with female captives and slaves, regardless of whether or not the slave woman gave her consent. The purchase of female slaves for sex was lawful from the perspective of Islamic law, and this was the most common motive for the purchase of slaves throughout Islamic history”.

      “Islam allows a man to have intercourse with his slave woman, whether he has a wife or wives or he is not married…Whoever regards that as haraam is a sinner who is going against the consensus of the scholars.”
      ~”Ruling on having intercourse with a slave woman when one has a wife” (archived),
      Islam Q&A, Fatwa No. 10382, November 24, 2005.

      There are many historical references to rape / sex with captives in Islamic texts.

      So who is lying?

    • You hell basterd ISIS. You don’t have a pity on innocent humans. But remember your sin will be judged by third eye in more brutal way then you have.

    • Bashar, you are disgusting.
      Are u one of them? If so? Then you should look out for the law of retribution on your female family members. What you plant you will reap. And this goes for all people.

    • May the lord God almighty who sees all in truth destroy all by his awsome power who participate sympathize or love violence in such a manner as curses confusion division and destruction may the angels of death persue them to the grave and on to hell where they shall certainly not receive any virgins and burn in soul fire for eternity by the blood of Jesus and the power of God may all the satanicworks of Iislam be destroyed AMEN.

    • f**k you bashar ur one of the f****d up muslims who defend to soldiers of Dajjal, go f**k yourself and i hope u get arrested for suspected involvement with faggots over in syria. They’re probably trying to reach out to you, all you gotta do is pick up the phone and bedover (implying you will be faced with a**l sex)

      BTW im a muslim, and your f*****g up our beautiful religion. die in hell b-achhc

    • Bravo Bashar you got a heated respone from your comment, you stirred emotions from alot of people. That f–kin is brilliant.

  2. The Satanic cult ISIS will be destroyed and their families will be eradicated off the face of this earth. Once Obama is impeached or replaced all followers of ISIL, ISIS will wish they were never born, we are about to turn your inhuman flesh into glass

    • that was one of the most, redneck american comments ive read in a while. thanks for laughs. my day is never finished unless i read another comment from another ignorant sheep.

    • Don’t embarrass us Americans’. They are not Satanic…. they do not follow or practise any form of Satanism. And they certainly don’t worship Satan himself as you probably assume Satanism means. They are just extremist (and conservative) religious idiots who make terrible assumptions about people who think outside their doctrine while spreading fear and hate. Sound familiar?

      • Wrong. The Bush Nazis – Israel & the Zionists – Cameron-the-Psychopath & the rest of the Illuminati are truly Satanic. This is partly because they pretend to believe in God or even to be Christian, so they have to defend themselves against the LIght to keep serving the dark. GHW Bush really did order and watch Noriega get castrated -he and his son are the absolute most unthinkably EVIL-beyond-your-imagination SAVAGES, they really are more truly evil than Hitler, and really have done at least as much damage. Whether Cameron has attended Satan worship ceremonies or not, his agenda and his puppet masters are 100% Satanic
        . What you describe may be apt for the Dumbash Repugnicans who voted for them, aka “Americans WITHOUT a brain,” but make no mistake these MuthaFuggas ARE EVIL.

  3. Bashar, if they are as good as you say, why do they kill innocent people? Like all the Americans and British that have been beheaded that have nothing to do with the conflict? And now Alan Haines that only went there to help? They and their believes are evil. They are disgusting monsters and should rotten in hell.

  4. ISIS fighters have gang raped, executed , beheaded and sold off young girls and teenager for prostitution mainly from minor community like yazidi. They use to enter door to door, kill male family members and take girls to unknown location.Lets world to know such shameful crime……. As mentioned from various news channel,Hundred of girls are captured inside badush prison mosul and are being tortured and daily raped…..I am really shameful to hear such heinous crime that has ever happened in generation and sometime tears comes on to think about life of victim and their family situation….. how a man can be so cruel, without heart, where is mankind……….Rest in peace to passed victims and I pray to GOD to save innocent victims and kill those who did such shameful act.

  5. ISIS is cancer which has to removed from the face of this earth. What ISIS is doing to young women, most rapist do it India, NYC or any where. Japanese army needed Chinese forced labor. Army gangs are arm gangs they are using force to subjugate people. Animal nature of so called muslin militants is on display. Funded by KSA, Qatar, Turkey and may be USA, not the baby has gone out of control.

    Trying to remove them by airstikes will not work till arab sunnis kick them out, other wise they are guilty of these crimes since ISIS was sheltered by them. Massive air bombing is needed to destroy oil sources. They are trying Kobani since they need to hide in Turkey. Whole Turkey border will be supply line. So the real enemy is Turkey. If any of the hostGE FAMILY HAS TALKED THROUGH TURKEY, YES THEY WOULD HAVE THEM RELEASED LIKE 49 DIPLOMATS. IT IS NOT ISIS IT TURKEY. ALL THESE WILL NOT HIDE UNDER TURKEY FOR NEXT FEW YEARS TILL US GETS TIRED. US should get tribes a stern and firm message, are with us or them!!!!!!

    • I agree Turkey is supporting ISIS. Nurse’s complain about providing free medical assistance to ISIS, it has been spoken of in their parliament, and the leader’s son is suspected of selling ISIS oil.
      Turkey’s leader is dirty and needs to be removed.

    • I am a straight woman and love men but from what I have been reading about the behaviours of some men I surmise that they have a serious problem with owning a p***s. They dont know to control them as weapons of war; they use it as tools of destruction. Therefore, in these circumstances, they should be deprived of it. For example, they should be totally castrated and just left with a hole to pee.

  6. lie..Islamic states won’t do like that because I have a family there…they did just like they do to Saddam…what chemical weapon until now..still no answer???…..for you info Saddam control the country its better than Maliki shiah pro…about beheaded…its in CIA studio..Islam will start a word with alfatihah dua and where the flag…how come there no dust??stupid idea..people already know what CIA can do…

    • All men are corrupted by power all!! Don’t care who when r were. It is no mans right to oppress upon another his will through violence. God is real, religion is infiltrated bye the devil because of the weakness of man. U r all f ing goats of the wrong shepherd. Damn right those being threatened have the right to defend themselves. Praise be to God


    • ooooh all caps! I’m so very frightened by your threat.

      This American woman would welcome the opportunity to meet your cowardess self down some back alley and we can see who wins.

    • Is your name Fokker or Fakhar. They sound soooooo similar.

      Your portion is Hell Fire. Have no doubt about that promise. You sickening b*****d – you and your ilk.

  8. Really bashar it is unthinkable that this would happen as they follow Sharia laws. I would have thought it unthinkable that Muslims would commit any hateful extremists kind of thing, seeing as though the Qu’ran originally said absolutely nothing about killing all non-muslims, or commiting murder of innocent women and children. But it is not so unthinkable, as the returned girls will be murdered by their own parents. IS are not operating by any set of rules, they have already been told by most countries they are not operating as members of Islam.

  9. Saudis are funding and directing them to maintain destabilization in the region against their rivals.
    No one else in region can funnel them the money for their support.

    They understand full well that Brits & U.S. would never agree to beheading threats – ever – why would they?
    So the beheadings are calculated for public consumption so that the Saudis political puppets in both western countries can more easily gain support to do more Saudi bidding with the money they loan our flat broke nations.

  10. ISIS Swine are worse than “monters”,,,actually they are the swinelets that their w***e mothers shat out of their asses. Filthy arab pieces of excrement, their mothers fornicated with dogs, and these ISIS turds are the fruit oftheir unholy copulation.

  11. The ISIS members, leaders are from Iraq’s Tikrit, Anbar and Fallujah… They fought the US-British army after Saddam was ousted.
    This is surely a campaign against the ISIS to boost ‘international’ moral against more attacks on civilians in Syria whom we will be told are ‘ISIS’ members etc…?

  12. Bashir, you’re an a*s bag. They don’t live by any code. They’re just common and pathetic criminals. There is no honor among them. What lands on my toilet paper has more moral compass. You should join them. The West will be sending you a present, please catch one.

  13. Over the past three decades Saudi Kingdom has promoted and funded Wahabism which is tbe chief intolerant fanatic sect in Islam. ISIS is remainder of Al-qaeda in Iraq which was bolstered when Saudis and Qataris poured arm and money to these terrorist group to fight Syrian government due to their affiliation with Iran. Again Saudi hatred at work.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the KSA is the source of most evil in that region.

  14. Isis r the eligimitate progeny ..they are khwarittji as mentioned by holy the same thing mentioned by saudi cliric in haj khutba..they are monsters see the face of these satanic monsters.cruelity and barbarism fill much from head to toe.their creed are disturb lots of them has no legal identites they all are iligimitate ..if they cut throats kidnapping killing beaheading raping its not astonashing. Because of their creed so if they rape ..they even rape their mother and sisters bcoz oftheir lust for sex..and worldly desire..f*****g fellow..need to be send to hell along with their leader

  15. Very soon they will end.Nostradamus also predicted ww3 in 1999.which didn’t u see his prophecy may mean that Islam will be source of harassment and not that it will rule u all Isis fellas will die burn suffer in hell .not just u but also or children.we all will pray together for or suffering.I can see visualize wat or plight wud b.u are worse than demonsu people r not worth living and breathing this same air that we breathe. YOU WILL FINISH!!!!

  16. these so called are property of the cia.. you fools.. they are just hiding behind a make it look..evil.. my religion.. no matter what you people do.. just open your minds and close your eyes for a while.. .

  17. “American with a brain October 4, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    Don’t embarrass us Americans’. They are not Satanic…. they do not follow or practise any form of Satanism. And they certainly don’t worship Satan himself as you probably assume Satanism means. They are just extremist (and conservative) religious idiots who make terrible assumptions about people who think outside their doctrine while spreading fear and hate. Sound familiar?”

    Halfwit liberals should be all for them since ISIS just adheres to the Islamic stupidity mutliculturalist libs love and support. ISIS is just practicing what Islam preaches. They just don’t hide it and don’t bother spewing the religion of peace and tolerance BS. Islam is a cult of hate, terror and murder and it always has been. It needs to be recognized and treated as such and ISIS is doing a great job of getting the message out.

  18. Hey, since the “Progressives” have taken office we now use the theory of relativity to difine virtue and vice within the gov’s moral, political, and slowly but surely legal system. Women having zero rights or protections or men having the legal capacity to rape and murder women for any reason at all as long as they are Muslim and they have a grievance against the woman is considered virtue because there are Islamic “scholars” that have unpublished religious texts that say all this stuff is OK to do because women are subhuman servants of Muslim men and they serve only the purpose of slaving over their men and getting pregnant with Arab babies that will grow up drinking from the same poisoned well of knowledge, culture and morality. So practice what you preach progressives. start celebrating this type of behavior because you have claimed time and time again that Islam is a religion of peace and if you are a Western male, more particularly one with Anglo heritage and features, you are a homophobe for speaking out against the Wests perceived vices of this religion. News flash news reporter. It is not only ISIS fighters raping women in the muslim world. One of your own got raped in the streets of Egypt during last years (or maybe a little sooner) protests in Egypt. There have also been many unreported cases of women being punished for their own rape by Middle Eastern governments. In fact, the most recent being the Saudi female that defended herself successfully from a man trying to rape her. She neutralized her attacker by killing him. You can read further about the details on that by googling it. But she is now facing the death penalty. So lets sh*t or get off the pot on this one. Either accept it as culture and give them all the thumbs up or infiltrate and punish this immoral behavior. The theory of relativity assumes that certain ethnicity’s of humans are more or less reasonable and compassionate than others. The difference between man and beast is reason; Aristotle. Therefore to accept the theory of relativity and leave this type of behavior unpunished is essentially the equivalent of accepting this culture as beasts with human looks. I find this offensive though as human beings all have reason and compassion. Even these criminals. They have all been poisoned by the well of knowledge their self centered, murdering/thieving, sexual deviant, false profit created for them. Jesus predicted the coming of many false profits before his Crucifixion. One of them will be known as the anti christ and will ultimately lead to the war of all wars that brings about the end times. Good vs Evil. The good initiated the war by invading Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11 and calling it “The War on Terror”. This will be a war that does not end in negotiation. Evil does not make compromises. So if you want to keep electing leftist passive p(ssy @ss presidents then be prepared for the process known as the end to be expedited in the coming years. Thanks for reading

  19. Poverty and corruption is the cause of all this nonsense. Our leaders are corrupt that’s why most people take to arms, trying to distabilize a very corrupt Govt, see the case in Nigeria

  20. dont become islam specialist!!!! look when sahaba win huge number of areas after death of our prophet mohammed (sm) they never captured women to rape or sex slave……..!!!! dont damage our prestige without become MUFTI or FOKIH wiki is not a reference… referance is the prophet how he follow quran and sahaba to follow our prophet…. Idiot…!!!!!!!! @ MM

  21. No muslims dont rape, just ask atefah sahaal, sixteen years old hung in the city of neka iran.caught by the “moral police’..laugh isnt it..for chastity sins. thats a crime against every religion on earth..i think every human humane person pleaded and signed every petition put forward .but to no avail..tgey hung her for being raped..they must hate their mothers and sisters in muslim land ehh…

  22. ,easy to blame ametica for every ill…but your able to post your blame america comments because of the sacrifices of countries like youd rather live there then iran..

    • This is why we r bombing the s**t out of u. Come out in the open and see how long u last. U seek to be martyred, let’s get this done!

  23. Because of this isis people I started hating my religion , in kuran shahad mean to means to save others life at any how and be a procetor but this Isis people using this word when they kill some or rape those or women who are helpless these people definitely can’t Muslims they are just a rapest and murders

  24. ISIS are a bunch of cowards who kill and rape women and children who have done nothing wrong they cover their faces because they are real tuff guys to behead women and babies GOD will get them on judgement day they are the DEVIL on earth p***y’s can’t go face to face with a man one on one you get one idiot leading a bunch of cowards that’s what they are

  25. Guys i suddenly realised something i.e if the united forces of whole ASIA- EUROPE- AFRICA- SOUTH & NORTH AMERICA fight together then………………………………..ISIS is doomed .

  26. If you think that the info on this webpage is all “lies” and propaganda, you are either a hopelessly stupid sod oryet another internet troll.

    Assuming the latter, Iwon’t join the “Bash Bashar” party, but would ask you to note the following:

    (1) There is not a single news source on earth (including IS’s own reps) that has NOT reported on the vicious acts described on this webpage.

    (2) Whatever horrors other nations have committed and are committing, ISIS sets the bar to a grotesque low.

    (3) IS members are NOT operatives in the CIA, MI6, or Mossad…. Anyone who believes this needs to increase his daily psych meds and readjust his tin-foil helmet!

    IS is comprised of filthy, sociopathic criminal cowards who are stimulated by the suffering of weaker people — little babies, unarmed men, old women, etc. These turds are NOT soldiers (I am a former officer in the Royal Navy and can say with confidence that these ‘warriors’ will s***e their filthy camo trousers when the Royal Marines appear at their door! ……Can’t wait till that day comes.

    • just as you said ”DEAR BASHAR”. i just cant wait for the day when the royal army , the U.S marines f**k these ISIS buttocks

  27. You f*****g low life isis rats will die horable deaths for your black deeds.!!.
    You follow a dirty old mans teachings named mohamad who was a goat f*****g peice of crap like all you are…
    If i could… i would kill all of you low life desert scum rats…
    Isis will NEVER win with 99 percent of the worldapinion against them…
    You all deserve to be skinned alive slowly to feel a fraction of the pain you have put on inocent children and adults in iraq and syria…
    Dont try it in the USA for we will have no mercy in you!! …

  28. muslim community u hv think tht u kill other for ur comunity or u think u save them n englisher get opportunity to get attack n pick ur women for sex n u pick up same think men unity mean to save women ability if u men make w***e women then u get aids for share ur life under death

  29. all isis are m***********s they all are the son of w****s who raped by the islamic citezens

  30. Ohh I see… I heard the God is real speak to people saw by ghost. God is really hate who people has very terrible killed! God has decide to innocent people dead would go to heaven. God doesn’t want who Isis terrible can’t go to heaven and he can take all Isis go to hell get worst!

  31. Many Islamic have very hurtful to the people in Middle East. How do you feel that Islamic do to you ??? Maybe you got fearful! That cause Islamic can very hurt you lots also people too. There no peace in the Middle East that spoiled Islamic military do to ruins people has no reason. God has peaceful in Heaven that simple fellow ten Old Testaments policy, if you don’t fellow those God’s ruled then he can send to them in Hell for Lake of Fire for ever life period! Can’t will back to Heaven anymore. Maybe God has look like communist powerful ever life that it etc.

  32. Tom, u scumbag son of a cheap w***e there in the gutters of US. How there u speak to my holy prophet in such manner, if u’re well informed u should know dat ISIS and so many other groups of its type around the world are nothing but the zionist tool to spread Islamophobia in the world.

  33. Islam represents what the world deems as Satan, or pertaining to a brutal act that only the concept of Satan could perform. I was born Muslim and even though I was born in a Western nation, I was treated as subordinate to males. The Koran can be interpreted in many ways. I left home along with Islam. Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a very powerful cult which uses ‘fear’ as a catalyst for conversion.

    ISIS can interpret sharia any way they want, to justify their barbaric practices. Islam to some may be peaceful, but that is their in interpretation of the Koran/Sharia. The Koran can also be interpreted as a book of death to others. I am one of these people who have denounced Islam because the Koran is just a copy of the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah impregnated with violence and death.

  34. After what ISIS had done, we in the entire world now know that ISLAM is a barbaric religion that must be wiped off the face of the earth.

  35. Sooner or later ISIL will be gradually defeated. As ISIL gradually retreats authorities and journalists from all over the world will want to interview people who were held captive by ISIL for so long, and after those people speak we will find out everything that happened. I believe that as ISIL has already been retreating that mass graves already have been found, and evidence is being collected so that any ISIL who are caught alive maybe held to account for war crimes, or crimes against humanity, or crimes against Iraq, that they committed. When it comes to the end for them some of ISIL will prefer to try to save their skin and live where they will be caught, but then maybe not as they know what ISIL has done and heavily armed soldiers are out to get them one way or another and they will also see what ISIL has done.

  36. The rape thing is a lie. The beheading is a way of ultimate punishment. These guys are soldiers. They kill, the die too. But raping!!! no way. They won’t do it. It’s all propaganda in the news.

  37. Comment: I feel myself like a devil I am doing nothing for the victims.It makes my eyes wet.I am ready to fight against those bloody animals.(21 year old Indian. )

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