Islamic State militants wives in Iraq ask courts for divorce

Islamic State militants executing women

Baghdad ( The wives of fugitive Islamic State militants are asking courts in Iraq to legally separate them from their spouses, a judicial source was quoted saying by al-Arabiya network.

The source said Iraqi courts at some Sunni regions received requests from the wives of Daesh militants, who fled fighting with the group, asking for separation, especially at Anbar and Nineveh.

The source said the courts approved many requests based on a decree issued by the former Iraqi regime of late president Saddam Hussein which allows Iraqi women to apply for separation for “convincing reasons”.

The approvals, according to the source, cited “the damage to reputation caused to the wives by their husbands’ affiliation with terrorist entities, adding that many of the women claimed they were married against their will.

Since IS militants took over a third of Iraq in 2014 to proclaim a self-styled “caliphate”, reports were rampant of the extremists forcing Iraqi females under their rule to get married to them, as well as accounts of sexual slavery.
Iraqi authorities are holding hundreds of wives and children of IS militants, some of whom have been sentenced to death and prison for involvement with the militants’ activities.

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  1. If it is proven that these weomen had forced forced to marry under IS-rule and did not take part in Military or other repressive Actions, they should not Need to ask for a divorce. In These cases, the Iraqi State should declare their marriages nill and void from the very beginning…

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