Jordan fans make new pro-Saddam chants during Iraqi team game

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein

Baghdad ( Jordanian soccer fans have made fresh chants glorifying late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein during an Asian encounter with an Iraqi squad, copying Algerian fans who recently stirred a diplomatic tension between Baghdad and Algiers.

Mohamed al-Ezzawi, a photographer with the Iraqi Air Force sports club, told Sputnik Agency that some fans with Jordan’s al-Jazeera club chanted the name of the late Iraqi leader during the final game of the Asian Football Confederation Cup on Tuesday.

Ezzawi said the fan group’s leader immediately hushed the chanters who were later arrested by security at the Amman Stadium.

The Iraqi team won the first-leg game and a second-leg encounter is scheduled for October 2nd.

A similar incident occurred earlier this month, when fans of Algeria’s USMA chanted slogans honoring Saddam Hussein, which prompted the Iraqi Air Force side to walk out of the Arab Club Champions game which was held in Algiers.

Algerian club officials had been quoted labelling the incident as a misunderstanding, but Iraqi had summoned the Algerian ambassador in protest, saying that such behavior harms mutual relations

Much hated by Iraq’s Shia majority, Saddam was executed in 2006 following the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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