Kurdistan RegionG appreciates resuming US civil air flights to Kurdistan Region

Baghdad ( Erbil Airport described the resolution of the US Federal Aviation Department, related to lifting the ban on civil flights to Kurdistan Airports as “a great achievement for the Kurdistani Regional Government, especially the ban lifting included Erbil and Sulaimaniya international airports exclusively.”

The Kurdistani Regional Government quoted the General Director of Erbil airport, Tallar Faauq, as saying ”The resolution of lifting the ban of the US flights over Erbil and Sulaimaniya international airports, after 16 years of been banned, is a great achievement for Kurdistan RegionG since it embodies the successes of this government represented by preserving security and developing tourism and economic sectors in Kurdistan Region.”

She added ”This historical resolution will have a positive impact on expanding relations with various world countries,” expecting that ”The first US civil airplane to land on Kurdistan Region during the next few months, of course, after meeting the required conditions of the Iraqi Federal Civil Aviation Authority.” \

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