Kurdistan RegionG offers assistance for Salah-il-Din province

Erbil ( The Kurdistan Regional Government expressed its readiness to offer the assistance for people who were damaged due to floods in Salah-il-Din province.The website of Kurdistan RegionG reported in statement received by that ”Based on the instructions of the Presidency of Kurdistan Regional Government, the Minister of Health in Kurdistan Region made a phone call with the Director General of Salah-il-Din Health Department in which he expressed the readiness of Kurdistan RegionG to offer the necessary assistance for Salah-il-Din province in terms of medications, medical cadres and health supplies or any other help that can be provided for the health authorities in Salah-il-Din province.”The statement pointed out that “The Director General of Salah-il-Din health department expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the attitude of the Presidency of Kurdistan RegionG for their support,” emphasizing ”The cooperation and coordination between the two sides.” \

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