Maysan demands its share of petrodollar project

Maysan demands its share of petrodollar project

Maysan, Amara ( The Chairman of Maysan Provincial Council, Abdul-Redha, called again to pay the financial revenues incurred from the petrodollar project for Maysan province within Federal Budget of 2013.He reported in statement received by on Monday ”The Ministry of Finance or the concerned sides in the Ministry should add the financial revenues of the previous years incurred for Maysan province from the petro-dollar project for the share of province of 2013 budget.” ”The share of the province should commensurate with Oil production of Maysan, which reached more than (220,000) barrels daily,” pointing out that ”The province was prevented of its share of 2012 under the pretext of an arithmetic error occurred between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Oil, which claimed that Maysan received what equals double its share,” the statement added.Maysan Provincial Council demanded on 21/ September/2012 the Ministry of Oil to grant the share of the province from the financial revenues within petrodollar project. \

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