Maysan Governor honors victims of Ali al-Sharqi bombing

Maysan Governor honors victims of Ali al-Sharqi bombing

Baghdad ( Maysan Governorate honored the victims of Ali al-Sharqi bombing with financial grants.

Maysan Governor, Ali Dawai Lazim, mentioned “Maysan Governorate allocated within its finical allocations IQD 500 for each injured person of the district’s people who were wounded due to the bombing that targeted Ali al-Sharqi district of northern Maysan province.”

“The number of the injured persons is 88 one,” he added.

“We addressed the Ministry of Health to cure the injured people of this terrorist attack whom cases are serious and cannot be treated inside Iraq to facilitate treating them outside Iraq,” Lazim stressed.

It is worth mentioning that Ali al-Sharqi district of Maysan province witnessed two bombings by car bombs on 10th, last Sept resulted in killing and injuring dozens.

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