MoE imposes financial fines on brick factories in Dhi-Qar

MoE imposes financial fines on brick factories in Dhi-Qar

Baghdad ( The Ministry of Environment imposed financial fines against the factories of bricks which violate the environmental terms in Dhi-Qar province.

The Ministry reported in statement received by on Thursday ”The ministry closed all Islah bricks factories in Salah-il-Din province because they use the heavy fuel (black oil) which affects the health and environment of the people ,” noting that “the Islah factory received many warns in coordination with the directorate of environment and the environment police in Dhi-Qar province.”

The Minister of Environment, Sarkun Selio, has previously confirmed that ”The need to issue resolutions that prevent to supply factories of bricks with black Oil due to its dangerous impacts on people lives, and to provide factories to product bricks that adopt advanced technology (environmental) with high introduction capacity in order to enhance the environmental reality for factories of bricks.” \

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