MoH&C establishes 3 housing complexes in Basra

MoH&C establishes 3 housing complexes in Basra

Baghdad ( The Secretary General of the Ministry of Housing and Construction conducted a field tour along with the General Inspector and several directors general of the Ministry to be acquainted with the progress of the projects on the southern provinces.The Ministry reported in statement received by ”The Ministry is implementing several housing complexes including this complex which consists (704) housing units and occupies (62,50 Acres) with gross cost that reaches IQD (78) billion.”

”The Qebla housing complex is implanted by the Ministry through Faw general company and under the supervision of Housing General Commission,” noting that “The complex contains several service buildings as well as housing units,” the statement added.”The Secretary General also observed Ahrar housing complex, which is implemented by the Ministry for the interest of Political Prisoners Foundation, in Basra province,” noting that “The complex consists of (1000) houses, (200 m2) for each, and the gross cost of the complex reaches IQD (65) billion,” the statement pointed out. \

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