MOI: 13 Million passports issued since 2003

MOI: "13 Million passports issued since 2003"

Baghdad ( The General Passports Directorate within the Ministry of Interior announced “issuing about (13) million passports during the period 2003-2012.”The Ministry of Interior quoted the Acting Director of Passports Directorate, Colonel Ali al-Jobouri, as saying in statement received by ”The Passports Directorate issued about million passports since it was established until 2003, while the Directorate issued about 13 million passports within the duration (2003-2012),” noting that “The passports that were issued in 2012 reached (2,5) million.””The Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior, Adnan al-Asadi, instructed to facilitate the process of issuing passports for Iraqi citizens within legal terms,” the statement added. \

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